5 Cosmetic Dental Flaws You Can Conceal With Veneers

December 15, 2023

Nothing draws positive attention quite like a striking smile. Read on to learn about everything custom cosmetic veneers from your dentist can do to upgrade your grin.

Your smile is an asset and a personality enhancer. A dashing smile could be the key to closing on a big sale, scoring a date, or even brightening your mood. Yet, you might hesitate to show off your grin if your teeth have visible damage or discoloration. That’s a significant reason people flock to the dentist’s office for cosmetic enhancements.  

In Livermore, California, Las Positas Family Dental offers the latest and longest-lasting treatments to make your teeth more visually appealing. Cosmetic dentists Thi Hoang, DDS, and Theresa Hoang, DDS, often recommend custom porcelain veneers to conceal the less-than-attractive features in your smile. Veneers make your teeth more pristine and uniform so you can grin with confidence. 

Veneers are a simple treatment. They’re slim, tooth-shaped shells we attach to the front of damaged or discolored teeth, improving their appearance. Thanks to digital scanning technology and our keen eye for aesthetics, your veneers look natural and flattering with your facial features. Their stain-resistant and durable porcelain material mimics the natural light reflection of your natural teeth, so they don’t look fake.  

Are you curious about getting veneers to enhance your smile? Here are five common flaws and features they can conceal: 

1. Discoloration

Some stains linger on your teeth even after a whitening treatment. Intrinsic stains are discolored areas in deeper layers of your teeth. Unlike extrinsic stains on the outside, they don’t respond well to teeth whitening.  

Suppose you have intrinsic stains from fluoride overexposure, aging, or medications. In that case, you can refresh their appearances by covering them with custom veneers.  

2. Chipped or misshapen teeth

When part of a tooth chips, you’re left with a misshapen tooth. You can repair it by concealing the chip with a custom porcelain veneer. A veneer can add structure to a chipped or broken tooth to aid its function and restore its appearance.  

3. Mis-sized teeth

Does one of your teeth appear small relative to those around it? Custom veneers can make your teeth appear more uniform if you have tooth size irregularities.  

4. Gapped teeth

Orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign® can close the gaps in your smile. If you’re not ready or willing to undergo orthodontic treatment for a small gap or two, custom veneers can close minor gaps. It’s faster than undergoing months of Invisalign treatment or braces.  

5. Worn-down teeth

When teeth wear down due to grinding your teeth, they may change in size because of enamel loss. Veneers can replace the missing enamel and restore your lost tooth structure to improve the tooth’s appearance and function.  

Do you want a smile you can show off to the world? Consider porcelain veneers at Las Positas Family Dental. To discuss veneers with our team, schedule a consultation online or over the phone today.