Next Day Crowns

A same-day crown can repair a damaged or severely decaying tooth during a quick, in-office appointment. At Las Positas Family Dental in Livermore, California, Thi Hoang, DDS, Theresa Hoang, DDS, and the team use the in-house CEREC® system to make same-day crowns for patients. Same-day crowns are just as tough as traditional crowns and can restore your biting and chewing abilities. Call Las Positas Family Dental for a same-day crown appointment, or book one online today.

How is a same-day crown different from a traditional dental crown?

There are several differences between same-day and traditional dental crowns:

Traditional crowns

Traditional dental crowns can be made from various materials, including metal, resin, ceramic, and porcelain. Getting a traditional crown takes two separate visits:
During the first visit, your dentist removes the decaying or damaged portion of enamel, takes impressions with an intraoral scanner, and covers the tooth with a temporary crown.
At the second visit, your dentist removes the temporary crown and replaces it with a custom one designed by a dental laboratory.

Same-day crowns

All same-day crowns are made from ceramic. 
The Las Positas Family Dental team mills these crowns in-office using a CEREC manufacturing system. When the machine finishes your crown, your dentist bonds it over your tooth. You can bite and chew immediately after and don’t need to return to the office for a second visit.

What types of issues can same-day crowns help fix?

The Las Positas Family Dental team uses same-day crowns to:

Cover dental implants

Cover teeth after root canal therapy

Protect broken and worn-down teeth

Protect severely decaying teeth

CEREC crowns can address cosmetic imperfections. For example, the team might recommend a same-day crown to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth.

How long does it take to get a same-day crown?

At Las Positas Family Dental, getting a same-day crown takes about two hours.
Your dentist administers a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and removes the damaged or decaying portion of your tooth. Then, they take a series of intraoral scans and upload them to a computer.
Your dentist uses the scans to design a custom crown that perfectly fits your tooth’s anatomy. They upload your scans to the CEREC milling machine, select a shade of ceramic that matches your natural enamel, and begin the manufacturing process.
The machine creates a custom crown from a block of ceramic. This process takes about 45 minutes. You can nap, listen to music, or read during that time.
Call Las Positas Family Dental to see if you can benefit from a same-day crown or make your appointment online today.