Endodontics is the name given to root canal procedures for badly infected teeth. If you have severe dental pain from an infection, visit Thi Hoang, DDS, Theresa Hoang, DDS, and the team at Las Positas Family Dental in Livermore, California. They have exceptional skills in performing endodontic procedures to eliminate infection and preserve your tooth. Call Las Positas Family Dental or schedule a consultation online today for gentle, effective endodontic care.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the medical name for root canal treatments. These restorative dental procedures involve removing decay and infection from the tooth’s pulp (the soft interior) and repairing the enamel.
The pulp’s soft tissue contains the tooth’s nerves. Tooth decay enables bacteria to enter the pulp, creating inflammation that can cause severe pain. Root canals are known to be painful because of nerve involvement, but modern dentistry ensures you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.
Root canals preserve your natural teeth, strengthening them and helping them last longer.

When might I need endodontic treatment?

Symptoms that might indicate a need for endodontics include:

Severe toothache

Pus on the gumline

Hot and cold sensitivity

Painful chewing


Facial or jaw pain

Tooth discoloration

You should visit Las Positas Family Dental as soon as you develop these symptoms. Early treatment minimizes your suffering and promotes a better outcome.

Is endodontics right for me?

Your Las Positas Family Dental specialist will advise if you need a root canal after taking dental X-rays and performing a thorough teeth and gum exam. They also look at your oral health history before preparing your customized treatment plan.

A filling or crown might be sufficient if you have minor tooth decay. If the damage is too extensive, extraction could be the only solution. However, endodontics can often prevent the need for extraction.

What does endodontic treatment involve?

If your dentist determines that endodontics is the best approach for your infected tooth, they numb the treatment area and offer you sedation so you stay relaxed throughout your root canal procedure.
Your dentist opens the top of the infected tooth to access the pulp. They remove all the decayed tissue and thoroughly cleanse the space to ensure no bacteria remain. They fill the space inside your tooth, then seal it. An artificial tooth covering (crown) protects the tooth’s surface, improving the appearance and reducing the risk of further problems.

The treated tooth might be sensitive for a few days, but
over-the-counter pain relief should manage any discomfort. Protect the tooth by avoiding chewing anything hard, brushing your teeth regularly, and flossing daily to prevent decay and gum disease.

Call Las Positas Family Dental to request an endodontics evaluation or book an appointment online today. Emergency dental care is available for anyone with severe tooth pain.