General Dentistry

General dentistry covers everything from preventive care to treatments for gum disease and tooth decay. Thi Hoang, DDS, Theresa Hoang, DDS, and the team at Las Positas Family Dental in Livermore, California, are experienced experts who care for all ages. Whether it’s a checkup and routine cleaning or fillings and extractions, they can help. Call the office to request an appointment or book a consultation by completing the online scheduling form today.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry describes the comprehensive care of teeth and gums for all family members. Your general dentistry care includes various preventive treatments that help you achieve optimal oral health throughout your lifespan.
Las Positas Family Dental provides general dentistry services to patients of all ages.
Their expertise ensures you and your loved ones benefit from excellent dental health and a smile to be proud of.

What preventive care does general dentistry offer?

Prevention is key to healthy teeth and gums. The Las Positas Family Dental team works with their patients to ensure they do everything possible to minimize the risk of dental disease. Prevention includes:

Regular dental exams

Fluoride treatments


Visual oral cancer exams

Routine X-rays

Nightguards to prevent teeth grinding


Sports guards to prevent injuries

These are simple, effective preventive treatments that protect your teeth from decay but prevention begins at home. Daily tooth care is extremely important — good oral hygiene practices and limiting sugar intake significantly decrease your risk of gum disease, infections, and cavities.

At a dental checkup, your dentist reviews your oral hygiene routine and techniques and offers advice and tips on improving oral care.

What general dentistry treatments might I need?

General dentistry treatments Las Positas Family Dental offers include:


Fillings repair chipped teeth and cavities caused by tooth decay.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are artificial tooth caps that replace the top of a diseased or damaged tooth. Bridges replace missing teeth.


Endodontics or root canals remove pulp and bacteria from inside an infected tooth and seal the space to save the tooth.

Gum disease treatment

Gum (periodontal) disease develops when bacteria in the sticky plaque on your teeth cause inflammation and infection. Without treatment, gum disease can cause your gums to recede (come away from your teeth) and could eventually lead to tooth loss. Gum disease treatments include specialized cleaning procedures such as scaling and root planing.


Extraction is removing one or more teeth and is typically a last resort when fillings or root canals can’t save your tooth. Your dentist can also remove troublesome wisdom teeth. Las Positas Family Dental offers several choices for replacing lost teeth, including bridges and crowns, dental implants, and partial or complete dentures.

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